A Demon Among Us

She was sent here for one reason and one reason only. To destroy us all. A demon with pure hatred and disdain for the living. Young or old, man or woman, it didn't matter. She walked the earth to destroy it and she would not stop until she succeeded. That was her mission. She was a Demon Among Us.

This shoot was a collaboration of many talented artists. Makeup artists Laney Chantal www.makeupbylaney.com and Faceoff season 12 contestant Nick Fischer (nicknowsmakeup on Instagram) applied the prosthetics and makeup and the lovely Erica Armendariz (zombie_bunnie on Instgram) modeled for us. The location was off the 210 freeway in Pasadena. A popular hiking trail. It was quite funny to see everyone's reaction as they walked by. Some looked absolutely terrified, others smiled and laughed. At one point Erica made friends with a dog which didn't seem the least bit affected by Erica's makeup. A couple of pictures of this encounter are shown below.

The weather that day was just about perfect. We ended up walking probably about a mile and a half round trip. Not sure how Erica managed to walk all that way in those shoes, but she was a trooper. We made several stops along the way for photos. I was on this same path back in February shortly after all the rain and there was a nice "river" that we had to traverse at one point. But on this day for this shoot the river was gone and it was just an empty riverbed. On our way back, I saw something down in the riverbed that I didn't notice before. As I got closer, I realized it was the demon climbing out of it. This was not something I wanted to come into contact with again. She crawled and clawed her way toward me so I took a few shots and then moved on before she could take me back to hell.

The shoot itself took about an hour and a half. We moved quite swiftly and accomplished our goal before the sun went down. Erica was a fantastic model who was able to twist and contort into crazy cool positions that made her look like she was possessed. This is a team that we definitely would love to work with again. Here are some more of our favorite shots from this shoot.

And here are some behind the scenes shots.