The Tale of a Clown and the Abandoned Zoo

I collaborated with the incredibly talented MJ DuBarr ( for a photoshoot at the Old Abandoned Zoo at Griffith Park on 08/20/2016. As soon as our model Daisy heard the music of the carousel nearby, she was sold. She got into character and stayed that way until the shoot was over. She was really at home in her makeup. This first gallery is a "behind the scenes" look at the conclusion of the makeup process. There may be lines out of place or makeup smears but that is because this is the unfinished section. We love capturing the "in the moment" shots of the makeup process.

Once the makeup was complete, it was time to start shooting. We were going to start at the carousel but were quickly told very rudely by a carousel employee that you need a permit to shoot inside the gates of the carousel as it is private property. So we abandoned that plan and headed over to the old L.A. Zoo. When you are escorting a "creepy" clown through Griffith Park, you find that children will run the other way and adults will take a second look then throw compliments your way on how awesome the makeup looks. Take a look below to view shots from our shoot at the Old Abandoned Zoo.