My dance background is rooted in urban hip-hop and break dancing styles which is a complete 180 degrees of what I perform most regularly now which is aerial dance. I began moving to the beat at the age of two, always trying to level up my skill set in styles such as latin ballroom, modern, jazz, and ballroom. My mother afforded what she could but we were not financially able to put me through much training, therefore, I studied independently through means of the internet, shows, VHS tapes, music videos, and any event that had dancing involved. I have now professionally performed ballroom, hip-hop, pole athletics, and aerial dance while picking up a few new dance skills in the last two years. Fire dancing and flow dancing have helped keep me moving and trying to techniques that benefit my overall abilities in  performance. I have worked very hard to perform under reputable entertainment companies that require my unique all inclusive styles of dance. I currently am working on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy and hope to apply my professional movement knowledge to my performance life and vice versa while helping others live their best lives.