Midsummer Scream

We were fortunate enough to be asked to photograph the 1st annual Midsummer Scream event which took place July 30th and 31st 2016. This event is all about Halloween in July. It was a wonderful event full of vendors, panels, makeup demos and the Hall of Shadows which included several local haunts that will be open to the public this fall. The following galleries will showcase some of what we were able to capture at Midsummer Scream. The first gallery is from Friday, July 29th during the setup process for the event. Hope you enjoy.

One of the crowds favorite part of any Halloween event is the Decayed Brigade. They are a team of sliders that put on an amazing show of speed, skill, jumps, limbo and some comedy for good measure. Check out their Instagram page at @decayedbrigadeofficial.


Halloween conventions always bring out many different cosplayers. There's funny characters, creepy characters and colorful characters. One thing they all have in common though is they are creative and clever. Here are some cosplayers from Midsummer Scream 2016.

Creep LA

One of the best promotional ideas we have ever seen occurred at Midsummer Scream by the Creep LA team. They arrived rather quietly, opened their briefcase which held hundreds of business cards and as the crowds entered, the crew stared, silently beckoned and creeped with guests unsure of what to think. Some moved on quickly, some approached slowly and cautiously, other stopped in their tracks unsure of what to think. It was brilliant. If you didn't get a chance to experience Creep LA in 2016, they have a new experience beginning on May 4th 2017 called The Willows. For more information visit their website at: http://www.creepla.com/ Here are some photos from their time at Midsummer Scream.

Makeup Demos/Special FX Makeup

A big part of the first annual Midsummer Scream was the makeup demos and special FX makeup artists displaying wonderful creations for everyone to see. Several makeup artists from http://www.boneyardfx.com/ helped create creatures for the scare zone Toxicity which scared the wits out of guests all weekend long. Here are some shots of the talented artists and their creations.

Oingo Boingo Dance Party

Saturday night after the event closed for the night, Oingo Boingo took the stage in the main ballroom for a fun dance party. Performing all their famous hits, party goers danced, laughed and just had a great time well into the night. Here are some shots from the dance party.